Saturday, 28 September 2013

Types of HTML Tags

Different kinds of HTML tags
In HTML there are two types of html tags. There are Single HTML tags and Paired HTML tags. Single html tags have just one tag with two angle brackets. On the other hand Paired HTML tags have two tags one  as starting tag and one as ending. See the below data to understand more.

Single Tags
These tags have no ending tag as:
Example: <BR>

Single Tags with Atributes
There are tags which have attributes as well. For example
<tagName attributes>
Example: <HR width=“50%”>
Paired Tags
 These tags have an ending tag as well for example
<tagName> … </tagName>
Example: <H1> … </H1>

Paired Tags with Attributes
There are so many paired tags who have attributes as well for instance
<tagName attributes > … </tagName>
Example: <H1 align=“center”> … </H1>

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