Saturday, 28 September 2013

HTML Meta Tags With Attributes

Meta tags are used to communicate information about the web page. There are several different meta tags that are used for various purposes. We will discuss three meta tags in this document: The author, description, and keyword meta tags.
HTML Meta tags do not have a closing tag, like most other tags. This is because the meta tag doesn't describe, or cause formatting to the text in a document. Rather it describes information about the document, or information that causes the browser to perform an action on a document.
The author meta tag is used to indicate who the author of the web page is. 
The description meta tag has an important use when it comes to some search engines. There are many search engines that will index your site automatically. Some of these search engines allow for a short description to be placed in their web page. If the search engines is looking in your web page for a description meta tag, it will use this description in the search index. 
The keyword meta tag has another important use when it comes to some search engines. When these auto robot search engines index your site, some will look for a keyword meta tag to use as index words. When someone uses their search engine and searches on a word that is in your keyword meta tame list, your site will be included in the output search results.
Each keyword should be separated by a comma. Capitalization is not important in the keyword meta tag.
These meta tags are not required in your document, and should only be used if you wish to help out the search engines or provide comments. The following example shows how these tags are coded:
          <title>This is the Title of my Web Page(Programming Dost)</title>
<meta name="Author" content="Your name goes here">
<meta name="Description" content="My site is one of the best">
<meta name="Keywords" content="host,my,site,personal,web,page">
Many Meta Tags are useful for many different purposes.   Meta Tags became a Catch-all for identifying information with no particular purpose (with exception to a very few select meta tags.
Many vendors of software that generates HTML will make use of their own custom Meta Tags to identify different pieces of information about the document.   In these cases, the meta tags are only useful to that particular software.
Too many meta tags can be detrimental to your site being indexed appropriately by the Search Engines.  Use Meta Tags Sparingly.

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