Saturday, 28 September 2013

HTML Head Tags

The Head tag is used to identify the start of information that applies to the document as a whole. Consider it to be similar to be a synopsis of what may be found within a good novel. Between the Opening
The title tag is used to give a title to your web page. Many browsers use the information displayed between the opening and closing title tag to place bookmarks, or display the name of the web page in the Window title of the browser (Windows based browsers).
In addition, many Robot (Spider) Search engines use the title tag to add a web site to their database, and use the text between the title tags as the title that will be displayed in their search engine. As you can see, careful naming of the title is important.
The following shows the title tag with a title identified between the opening and closing tag.
          <title> Title of Web Page(Like Programming Dost)</title>


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