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Jscript Introduction | What is Jscript

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Jscript and VBScript are the two default scripting languages which are supplied by the Microsoft to use with the WSH (Windows Script Host). Both the languages are pretty much similar to each other. These are very useful when it comes to the automating small tasks.
As you know that the VBScript is derived from Visual Basic programming language. Like JavaScript,VBScript can also be used for Web page development. However, while Internet Explorer supports VBScript, it does not work with some browsers like in past with Netscape. This makes VBScript a less universally accepted scripting language. In addition, VBScript is proprietary. This means that Microsoft owns it, whereas the current version of JavaScript and JScript are based on the ECMAScript standards, so no one company controls its future. As a result, many people prefer JavaScript and JScript to VBScript.
There are some easy function in Jscript and JavaScript to solve complex calculations. But you will find a better way in VBScript to work with the arrays. People with a JavaScript background will be able to put together the move to JScript with very little effort. Similarly, people with a strong Visual Basic programming background may prefer learning VBScript. Some other third-party scripting languages are available that also can be used with the WSH. These languages include PERL, Python and REXX.

The main reason for using JScript and the WSH (Windows Script Host) is to save you time by automating system tasks. At the heart of every one of Microsoft's Windows operating systems is an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). This GUI is designed to make the computer easy to use. All that you have to do is grab on to the mouse and point and click your way around.
Unfortunately, the GUI is not well suited to many tasks, particularly those that are highly repetitious or that involve many steps. For example, suppose that you are responsible for defining new user accounts on a shared computer in your department at work, and one day your boss comes in with a floppy disk containing a file with a list of 100 newly hired employees.
Using the GUI, you'd probably spend hours in front of the computer defining new user accounts, during which time no one else could use the computer to get any work done. On the other hand, you could write JScript and use the WSH to run it in less than an hour. This script could even be designed to read the file provided by your boss and to create a new user account for each name stored in the list. Once executed, the script would create the new user accounts within seconds. Best of all, once it is written, you could return and run the script again in the future with no additional work on your part to create new user accounts.

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