Saturday, 28 September 2013

Html Page Structure

Everything which we want to be part of a web page should be put in between the <HTML></HTML> tags and then we have to decide which are the elements of header, body and footer.  The header elements will be included in <HEAD></HEAD> tags and all other things should be included in the <BODY> </BODY> tags. Here is an example of an HTML page structure.

<TITLE>Programming Dost Home Page</TITLE>
<H1>Programming Dost</H1>
<P><B>Welcome to Programming dost (friend).</B><BR>
<A HREF="">Programming Dost</A><BR>
Building 1, 3rd Floor, UK turn UK<BR>
+00 00000000<BR>
<A HREF=""></A><BR></P>
<P>Here you can find <A HREF="">several programming</A> courses. </P>
In the above example the ‘<>’ (angle brackets) are used to make different tags.
<HTML> is a tag and it has </HTML> as an ending tag. How we use tags in a HTML page is as follows:
<BODY> …………</BODY>

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