Monday, 28 September 2015

What is a Hyperlinks and Bookmarks


You ought to know how what a hyperlink is and what it is utilized for. On the off chance that you don't, a hyperlink is a bit of content you snap to be taken to another page. A bookmark is a method for bookmarking a point on your page with the goal that you can hyperlink to it.

The <a> Tag

The <a> tag is utilized when making hyperlinks and bookmarks. It remains for stay. The capacities are clarified all the more completely beneath.

<a href>

To make a hyperlink you have to utilize the href variable of the <a> tag. Href remains for Hyperlink REFerence. To make a bit of content or a picture into a hyperlink you contain it in:

 <a href="pageurlhere">Text Goes In Here</a>

 Hyperlinks can specify several things:

 Function    Example Code

Site page or Site    <a href="">

Neighborhood Page    <a href="pagename.html">

Neighborhood Page In A Folder Level Below    <a href="foldername/pagename.html">

Neighborhood Page In A Folder Level Above    <a href="../pagename.html">

Open E-mail Program With E-mail Addressed    <a href="">

Bookmarked Section    <a href="#bookmarkname">

Bookmarked Section In Another Page    <a href="pagelocation.htm#bookmarkname">



  Bookmarks on a page are anything but difficult to make as they likewise utilize the <a> tag. Rather than changing the href variable you utilize the name variable. For instance:

<a name="top">The First Text In The Page</a>

Will make a bookmark called top in the content which the label encompasses. A picture can likewise be contained in this tag. You can then connection to this utilizing a standard hyperlink:

 <a href="#top">Back To Top</a>

You can name bookmarks anything you like. Bookmarks are exceptionally helpful on pages which are long as they can be utilized to rapidly go to another piece of the page.

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