Thursday, 17 October 2013

Infinite Loop Problem C++ and in All Programming Langauges

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c++ cin infinite loop
Consider the condition in the while structure that is (number<=upperLimit) and in the while block the value of number is changing (number = number + 1) to ensure that the condition is tested again next time. If it is true, the while block is executed and so on. So in the while block statements, the variable used in condition must change its value so that we have some definite number of repetitions. What will happen if we do not write the statement number = number + 1; in our program? The value of number will not change, so the condition in the while loop will be true always and the loop will be executed forever. Such loops in which the condition is always true are known as infinite loops as there are infinite repetitions in it.
Always use the self explanatory variable names
Practice a lot. Practice makes a man perfect.
While loop may execute zero or more times.

Make sure that loop test (condition) has an acceptable exit. 

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